The Virtual Escape Rooms are each hosted on a subdomain of our website, protected by custom usernames and passwords. This ensures a private game.

We have taken special 360-photographs of significant spaces and turned these into walk-through and interactive environments using special software. Let’s explain a bit more about the process.

The camera is placed inside the space and spins around its axis while taking six HD photo’s and scanning the room with an Infra-red camera and mapping it’s surroundings and even persons. The software matches the photos together to create a 3D map of the environment. This is then edited for brightness and contrast and translated into a digital model, which we can shape as we like. Exclude certain view points, select the starting position and add tags. However, the images cannot be photoshopped, what is captured by the camera will be there for eternity.

The tags can show the user what is clickable and can be colour-coordinated. The tags are placed on surfaces, which the software identified using the IR-technology. Each tag can either display information itself, such as an image or sound file, or work as a link to an external source. This can be any URL, such as a video on Youtube or your own website.

To switch between zones you can either redirect using the tags or set up a gate with a certain password. This is where we add the ‘escape’ element and the feeling of succes.

We can connect as many zones as required, and use both lineair or multi-player paths.